About Us

Albatros Media a.s. is the largest Czech Publishing group with the portfolio of 15 imprints covering every target group from children to seniors. The company publishes over 1 500 titles per year, operates its own distribution network and the long-established school reader’s club. The subsidiary Albatros Media Slovakia has been increasing its share of Slovak market.

The flagship Albatros established in 1949 has played an essential part in the history of Czech literature for Children and was one of the seven co-founders of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in 1964.

  • The only publisher in the Czech Republic with 64 years of history 1,500 + new titles each year – fiction and non-fi ction.
  • Publishing international blockbusters, e. g. Fifty Shades of Grey, J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series and The Casual Vacancy, Diaries of a Wimpy Kid
  • Publishing, distribution, promotion, readers’ club, e-shops
  • 14 imprints covering every target group from children to seniors
  • Increasing share of Czech and Slovak markets

Our publishing portfolio arises mainly from our fiction imprints:

  • Albatros – the flagship, a traditional publisher of children’s literature
  • CooBoo – a modern publisher of young adult titles
  • Plus – refined literature for adult readers
  • Motto – a diverse range of titles for adult readers
  • XYZ – a successful publishing house in the Czech Republic with a broad range of products
  • B4U – literature for children and youth – especially the original creative projects in cooperation with Czech and foreign illustrators
  • Egmont – fairytales and stories featuring film and TV characters loved by children around the world
  • Kniha Zlín - a portfolio that follows latest trends on the literary scene and delivers the best of the best

Albatros Media also includes non-fiction brands.

  • Computer Press – computer literature, digital photography, and other modern technologies
  • BizBooks – titles on management, economy, finance, and personal and career development
  • Management Press – titles dedicated to managers and economists
  • Edika – titles following modern educational trends
  • CPress – books on travel, health & family, crafts & hobbies, history & arts, motors, DIY, cooking etc.
  • Fragment – fiction and non-fiction titles for the whole family especially for children and Young Adults
  • Edice České televize – titles inspired by Czech Television broadcasting, exclusivelly produced and distributed by Albatros Media Corp.

Albatros Media also included digital section:

  • eReading and Palmknihy – one of the best established providers of electronic books in the Czech Republic

The Company also operates Albatros Media Slovakia, its daughter company, distributing both Czech and Slovak titles of its imprints within the Slovak market.

Our mission

We open up worlds of stories and knowledge. Our books in all their forms enrich lives both of children and adults. We contribute to development of individuals, culture and whole society.

Our values

  • Passion for books.
  • Products that enrich people's lives.
  • Responsibility for spread of moral values, education, personal development.
  • Creative environment and motivating conditions for employees.
  • Fairness and ethical approach to everything we do.